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[at-l] Re: Was Name calling Now Troll

Bror8588@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 4/21/2005 10:49:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> s.landis@comcast.net writes:
> You  might need to study more history.  To suggest that the
> Republicans hold the moral high ground on this issue is
> embarrassingly  naive.
> Then Bror8588@aol.com wrote:
> I agree.


> The issue of morals is a human issue and (dare I say it?) a  matter 
> of choice.  Some are constricted by their peers at whatever church
> they attend and some are influenced by their growing up years and the
> indoctrination they received while young and some no matter what they
> have  learned will act on their impulses and on what feels good at
> the moment.
> No one has a corner on morals.  There are even ministers (horrors!)
> who have "sinned" and then when caught repented.  Some of the sins
> that  catch the attention of the public are sexual and some are
> financial  deception.  Oh, sure! There are other "sins" as well.
> To politicize a person's weakness is problematic for we "all have
> sinned  and come short of the glory" but perhaps we expect more of
> our Presidents than we should.  Perhaps the human nature of a person
> does not expire when they  are elected to office.  So, to have a
> mistress or enjoy an affair (because  they can) is a natural
> occurrence on the part of human beings.
> There is an ethical problem though, when a boss, employer, a person
> with authority, or a person higher in the chain, takes advantage of
> an employee; an intern, a person who is vulnerable to being fired,
> etc., for with power comes responsibility.  But now I am getting off
> topic.

Man that was a long trudge thru the obvious just to take another shot at 
WJC.  Note to Clinton haters:  He's gone, your guy is the f**k up now.

Steve - sorry last one.

"Social Security will go bankrupt in 10 years without privatization"  -
  George W. Bush 1978