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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'

I had a guy chew me out for having a cell phine on my pack. i told him 
were he can stick it. Has a amputee hiker I have toacarrya  saatlight 
cel phone becuse fo that fact of sothing happosn to my leg then I will 
be screwed . On top of it has the result of a work acdent I am know a 
dibtiec and if my suger drops then I have problims I am a solo hiker. I 
like havig just me and the dog.
Carol Donaldson wrote:

>Last weekend I never saw or heard the "other hiker" that was on the 
>trail with me but I knew he was there as I seemed to be following his 
>cigarette smoke.  That rated exceptionally high on my annoyance scale.  
>If I wanted to smell cigarettes I could have gone to a bar.
>Is two people talking on the trail looked down on?  I can't tell you 
>how many times I've had to listen to two people misquote philosophers 
>and poetry while hiking.
>What about people smoking pot on the trail?  How does that rate on 
>everyone's annoyance scale?
>Greg, never fear.  Those who have opinions about cell phones may think GPS are okay.  MAY.  
>They preach Hike Your Own Hike and then make RULES for the rest of us.  
>Not unlike myself making up the "rule" that if a person doesn't actually hike the entire Trail he has no business saying he "thru hiked" (or in the parlance of the newspaper's spelling "through" hiked).   But that's the criteria I place on myself, too.
>If you want to carry your cell phone -- CARRY THE CELL PHONE.  If someone says anything, you can tell them "Auntie Coosa said I could, take it up with her."   How's that?
>Do not be deterred.  I personally believe that anyone carrying more than 30 pounds (including food and water) for 5 to 7 days of hiking the AT (not in winter), is carrying too much.  I've gotten mine to nearly 25 and am working on reducing that.
>Hike YOUR Hike, don't hike mine, Hike GREG's Hike!
>And take a LOT of what is posted here with a grain of salt.  Especially when there's a lot of emotional response. 
>I carry a cell phone.  It's off, it's in a waterproof pouch, and I have used it only to check up on my kids and let them know where I was.  First Rule of Grandparenting:  Stay In Touch.  Now THAT is a RULE which EVERYONE can follow.  You might add: First Rule of Husbanding:  Stay in Touch.  Especially if your wife is not a backpacker.  Or IS and can't hike with you.
>HYOH -- carry the cell phone if you want to.
>Carol Donaldson
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