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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'

Last weekend I never saw or heard the "other hiker" that was on the 
trail with me but I knew he was there as I seemed to be following his 
cigarette smoke.  That rated exceptionally high on my annoyance scale.  
If I wanted to smell cigarettes I could have gone to a bar.
Is two people talking on the trail looked down on?  I can't tell you 
how many times I've had to listen to two people misquote philosophers 
and poetry while hiking.
What about people smoking pot on the trail?  How does that rate on 
everyone's annoyance scale?

Greg, never fear.  Those who have opinions about cell phones may think GPS are okay.  MAY.  

They preach Hike Your Own Hike and then make RULES for the rest of us.  

Not unlike myself making up the "rule" that if a person doesn't actually hike the entire Trail he has no business saying he "thru hiked" (or in the parlance of the newspaper's spelling "through" hiked).   But that's the criteria I place on myself, too.

If you want to carry your cell phone -- CARRY THE CELL PHONE.  If someone says anything, you can tell them "Auntie Coosa said I could, take it up with her."   How's that?

Do not be deterred.  I personally believe that anyone carrying more than 30 pounds (including food and water) for 5 to 7 days of hiking the AT (not in winter), is carrying too much.  I've gotten mine to nearly 25 and am working on reducing that.

Hike YOUR Hike, don't hike mine, Hike GREG's Hike!

And take a LOT of what is posted here with a grain of salt.  Especially when there's a lot of emotional response. 

I carry a cell phone.  It's off, it's in a waterproof pouch, and I have used it only to check up on my kids and let them know where I was.  First Rule of Grandparenting:  Stay In Touch.  Now THAT is a RULE which EVERYONE can follow.  You might add: First Rule of Husbanding:  Stay in Touch.  Especially if your wife is not a backpacker.  Or IS and can't hike with you.

HYOH -- carry the cell phone if you want to.

Carol Donaldson