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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'

CD> Last  weekend  I  never saw or heard the "other hiker" that was on
CD> the  trail  with  me  but  I  knew  he was there as I seemed to be
CD> following his cigarette smoke. That rated exceptionally high on my
CD> annoyance scale. If I wanted to smell cigarettes I could have gone
CD> to a bar.

You  gotta  be  kidding  me.  You  are  outdoors,  where  fresh air is
constantly  circulating.  Someone is far enough away from you that you
can  neither  see  nor hear the person. You get a fleeting, momentary,
whiff  (Don't tell me it was more than that. You are outdoors, and the
person is so far away as to be unseen and unheard) of cigarette smoke,
and  it  annoys  you  to an "exceptionally high" degree? And then, you
compare this excruciatingly annoying experience to being indoors, in a
closed room, with multiple people smoking within a few feet of you?

Cut me a break. I am sick of smug people whining about having to smell
even the most minute bit of smoke while outdoors. In addition to being
prone to exaggeration, you are very easily annoyed.