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[at-l] Hiking in West Virginia


This is GREAT!!  Thanks!!

We are coming from Atlanta so its just a matter now of their deciding where 
they want to go and what they want to do.  My job is to give them as much 
information as possible and their job is to decide.  However, they *are* 
teenagers and their decisions can sometimes be quite entertaining!

Thanks again,


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> Check out the Allegheny Trail: http://www.aldha.org/alleghen.htm -- BTW 
> (not
> to be confused with the Allegheny Highlands Trail, which runs from 
> Cumberland,
> MD to Pittsburgh, PA.)
> The 330-mile Allegheny Trail's northern terminus is on the West
> Virginia-Pennsylvania border near Bruceton Mills. Its southern terminus is 
> at
> the Appalachian Trail on Peters Mountain, north of Pearisburg, Virginia.
> Which is on the New River.
> The Allegheny Trail is divided into four sections, from north to south.
> Section 1 starts at the Pennsylvania line and ends at Blackwater Falls 
> State
> Park. Section 2 starts at Blackwater Falls State Park and ends at the Cass
> Scenic Railroad. Section 3 goes from Cass to County Road 14 in Greenbrier
> County. Section 4 is incomplete, although two segments are open and 
> available
> for backpacking. The trail is open from the southern terminus of section 3 
> to
> Interstate 64, where it breaks and picks up again at Laurel Branch in 
> Monroe
> County, ending on Peters Mountain at the Appalachian Trail. Trail 
> highlights
> include Blackwater Falls State Park, Canaan Valley State Park, the 
> National
> Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cass Scenic Railroad, and Watoga State Park. 
> The
> trail also crosses the Monongahela, George Washington and Jefferson 
> National
> Forests, and it goes along the scenic Greenbrier River. The Allegheny 
> Trail is
> marked by 2"x 6" yellow blazes. It is maintained by the volunteers of the 
> West
> Virginia Scenic Trails Association.
> Chainsaw
> BTW -- Our own Chase is one of the thruhikers of this trail.
> BTW2 -- Where are they coming from?   I assume that, "Stop and hike around 
> the
> Grayson Highlands area prior to our arrival in WV" means you are coming 
> from
> the south or south east.  If so, you are likely to be comingh up I-81 and 
> will
> cross the AT somewhere in the area of Blane to Pearisburg.  There is good
> hiking in that area also -- albeit not "in" West Virginia, some is along 
> the
> Virginia/West-by-God line.
> BTW3 -- Also, check out 
> http://www.nps.gov/rtca/whatwedo/projects/04pr-wv.html