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[at-l] Hiking in West Virginia

I'm taking my Venturing Crew to WV in June to raft the New River.  While 
we're there, we want to spend 2-3 days hiking.  I've suggested the following 
hikes to them:

1) Stop and hike around the Grayson Highlands area prior to our arrival in 

2) Drive past the New River Gorge and continue to the Roaring Plains area 
and hike there for a couple of days.

3) Hike along the Greenbrier River Trail

4) Hike a part of the American Discovery Trail.

All of these hikes, except the Greenbrier River Trail, are a long way from 
the New River Gorge area we are rafting.  Do any of you know of any 2-3 day 
hikes that are closer - besides stringing a bunch of short hikes together. 
There seem to be *lots* of short trails near the gorge but not many long