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[at-l] OT-Astronomy Class

Hmmm.... I know of a couple of Porn sites you can check out.
Sounds odd, I know, but they did mention heavenly bodies...
And their stars have interesting life cycles...
Porn Dog
In a message dated 4/9/2005 1:21:05 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
shellydhale@earthlink.net writes:

Hey  peeps! 

I know that there are several of you folx that are into  astronomy.  So, I 
thought that I would ask to see if any of you had  any
helpful websites for research for my current class.   

I have to do papers on planetary comparisons, life cycle of  stars, science 
of sunlight & stars, and the search for  extraterrestrial

Any leads you can provide would be  greatly appreciated!  You can email me 
off list so that other folks don't  have to fool with
deleting the responses.  My email addy is  shellydhale at earthlink.net

Thanks  bunches!!!

Tenacious Tanasi

(Shelly  Hale)