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[at-l] 10/28/02 am pittsburgh hikes

moose ('97) was waiting for me at hartsfield international (atlanta).  i ca=
lled my folks - the line was busy.  we hopped the marta rapid transit train=
 - moose had parked four stations north - and headed four stations north to=
 mooses car.  twenty minutes later we were at mooses home.  meghan, mooes f=
air maiden, was there to greet us.  i called my folks three or four more ti=
mes, until the line wasn't busy any longer (apparently i was out-of-sight-o=
ut-of-mind, and my dad was on the internet.  i balled him out...

moose, meghan and i yakked until after midnight.  at that point, i had been=
 up for nearly twenty-four hours, and bid them nighty-night...

800 am

i was up before 7am, and tore through the UPS boxes containing my pack and =
gear.  i was packed and ready to go by 730.  moose has awakened, so we sit =
here and yak - about gear, and about gear, then we talk about gear.  we wil=
l depart soon for hartsfield to pick up yakdung, then to a nearby post offi=
ce to retrive my first food drop, then on the road, hopefully finding a bre=
akfast restaurant...

it is raining...

pittsia the hungry and excited

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