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[at-l] The New Hiking 'Profile'

i again had my hairs cut off (cue ball head)...


took a usairways shuttle flight from latrobe pa
(arnold palmer airport)
to =
pittsburgh international (twenty minutes).
rode/walked from concourse
E to=
 concourse B (twenty minutes).  am now sitting in seat
11F on a usair
300 awaiting takeoff to atlanta (twenty minutes).  i
was singled out
twice =
- and was felt up twice - by the federal screeners
(ten minutes - wish
it h=
ad been twenty).  apparently i fit some crazed
hiker-terrorist profile.
ey also searched my carry-on bag (a day pack).  it
held only a few
items - =
things that i forgot to send ahead - water bottles
(empty), windscreen
 my esbit), pain killers (excedrin, ibuprofen),
skivies (polypro),
fleece (=
HATT), photon (red).  i think they were confused...

pittsia the hiker-terrorist

I've begun discussing my 2003 Thru hike plans with my
friends.  We will often be in the company, or over
heard by 'mundanes' who ask all the best dumb
questions, which I try and answer to the best of my
ability, even though the majority made no sense and
I'm not exactly sure what the poor poor person was
talking about.  Then, eventually, someone brings up
Tim McVeigh <i'm former military>, or the Unibomber,
or the sniper...  This trend really makes me sad.  I
personally don't care what 'profile' or stereotype I
get hung with, but if hikers in general are going to
begin to get the brunt of the wave of hysterical media
it's going to be a cold day on every trail everyday.
Even if the folks are only joking, is it good that
those types of comments are always connected with
people who choose to sit by a camp fire for six months
getting in shape and enjoying nature, instead of
watching television 6 hours a night while thier asses
get bigger and thier minds get smaller?
Bah, sorry for the rant, hopefully it's just a passing
trend.  Good luck to the rest of you dealing with
those of the narrow scope and the up-turned nose. Be


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