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[at-l] 10/27/02 pittsburgh hikes

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In a message dated 10/28/2002 8:27:00 AM Eastern Standard Time,
hike-usa@pocketmail.com writes:

> i again had my hairs cut off (cue ball head)...
> 800pm
> took a usairways shuttle flight from latrobe pa (arnold palmer airport) to
> pittsburgh international (twenty minutes).  rode/walked from concourse E to
> concourse B (twenty minutes).  am now sitting in seat 11F on a usair
> B737-300 awaiting takeoff to atlanta (twenty minutes).  i was singled out
> twice - and was felt up twice - by the federal screeners (ten minutes -
> wish it had been twenty).  apparently i fit some crazed hiker-terrorist
> profile.  they also searched my carry-on bag (a day pack).  it held only a
> few items - things that i forgot to send ahead - water bottles (empty),
> windscreen (for my esbit), pain killers (excedrin, ibuprofen), skivies
> (polypro), fleece (HATT), photon (red).  i think they were confused...
> pittsia the hiker-terrorist

Was it a one way ticket?
Think of how they would have searched a non cueball hiker...