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[at-l] please advise how one obtains an AT nickname

In a message dated 6/24/01 2:46:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, atboi@yahoo.com 
>please advise how one obtains an AT nickname or is it self made?<
Good question, atboi!
Many hikers begin with a 'nickname' of their own choosing, only to have an 
event, or habit, or distinguising attribute annoint them with a novel nom de 
Have an unpronouncable last name? Your trail name might become 'Magaroni'.
Have an unusual hiking injury/style or medical condition? 'SloeToe', 'The 
barefoot sisters', GoSlowGoFar', 'TwoSticks', 'BillyGoat', 'Bleeder Guy', or 
'Stiches'. From a far flung home? 'Texas Red', 'Bama', 'Maine Rose', 
'ManodnockDee', 'BaltimoreJack' or 'Pittsburg'. Got a funny old car? 'Orange 
Bug'. DeadHead? 'SunshineDaydream', 'Terrapin', or if bearded with a touch of 
grey, 'Jerry'. Try to use a ziplock for a pee-bottle? 'ZipLock'. Fall in the 
water a lot? 'Waterfall'. Northbounder from Maine? 'GoingHome'. And 
Rhymin'Worm, Solophile, Waldo, Ke Kahaawe, Felix, Gutsy, Posey Picker, Spur, 
Trudge, TubaMan, Bear Bait, 32Flavors, OldMaster, OldPhart, BooBoo, 
OldAndInTheWay, Too Obtuse, OutPatient, Snail-No-More, Chocolate Thunder, 
Beorn, ShakeyLegs, NoNameYet, Skyline,SkyWatcher, SkyScraper, Chomp, 
RunHorton, St Thomas, Ms Adventure, TooTall, Frodo, Bilbo, Wild Bill, 
BlueTrail, Yukon Jack, Homeless, Wanchor, Gandalf, Yogi, WaterBoy, 
Kinnickinic, WeatherCarrot, HeyDuke, Cleek, Moose, Smurf, Highlander, 
PackRat, Not-That-Ward, UnderTheRadar, BigJohn, TrapperJohn, LittleJohn, 
JohnO, JustJohn...
Don't worry, let it happen, you might like your name, it might change, 
(TrailMixUp became 'Ready') ya just never know!
Have a great hike!

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