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[at-l] Worthy Trail Cause?

In a message dated 6/23/01 5:41:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,=20
hikester@mindspring.com writes:
<Last year about this time, I think, we held an auction for The Place.=A0 We=
it's time for me to make a donation to an AT-related good cause on behalf of
the class of '96.

Anybody got an idea about who along the Trail could use a little shot in the
arm? The first idea I had was to the American Cancer Society in memory of
Maine Rose (I'm not sure when she hiked), and Duffbuster and Ms. Western
Canadian Geese, who both thru-hiked in '96 but who have since been claimed
by the disease and in honor of '96 Wildhair who's currently fighting the

The MATC covers the most AT miles with the least money and members. Perhaps=20
we could see what projects they have on their 'Needs money to complete' list=
While the amount we could raise would be a drop a the bucket as far as Cance=
research is concerned, the same amount could fully fund a new shelter or=20
something tangible. Maine Rose hiked in 1995, Lynn. Your 'Season on the=20
Appalachian Trail' is a great read, a really enjoyable peek inside a=20
thruhiking season. Thanks.
TJ < not a MATC member, but should be...

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