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[at-l] books to carry on the trail offered by the ATC

Different hikers do it differently. Most leave the section guidebook 
at home or slice it up so they have only one or two weeks worth as 
they hike. On my thru in '97 I slice up the guidebooks, carried only 
the maps for the section I was in (the other maps and guides were 
mailed to me along the way). I did not have the databook with me.

I think I was in the minority while on the trail in '97. Later, for 
my long section hikes, I carried only the databook and the map for 
the current section. This worked out very well, perhaps because I 
already knew the history of each area since I had been there before.

I liked reading the history comments, and I also liked knowing where 
I was on the map. I was sometimes frustrated that the maps didn't 
show enough of what was just off of the trail. Some hikers bring 
along a regular roadmap in order to orient them to known towns, 
landmarks, etc.

Many hikers don't carry the maps at all, and just borrow one when 
they have the need. My need was continual...

RD  '97

>which of the books would be MOST appropriate for carrying on the trail that
>the ATC offers? also i understand that the maps come in state sections only,
>is that correct?
Arthur Gaudet
email: gaudet@mediaone.net