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[at-l] please advise if have ONE month where is good ATsection to hike south of Washington DC

>please advise if have ONE month to hike where is good AT section to hike
>south of Washington DC, I am located in Florida and will be driving north.

One month, so about 300 miles? hmmm. The distance from Fontana Dam to 
Damascus is 290. The first 70 is the Smokies, then Max Patch, Hot 
Springs, Erwin, The Humps, Laurel Falls, Watauga Lake, Damascus. Lots 
to see and do along the way.

If concerned about being in good hiking shape I'd find it easier to 
hike myself into shape by traveling S from Damascus. Otherwise I'd 
scale back my goals and travel only 8-10 miles per day for the first 

This time of year I'd think the higher elevations would be easier to 
hike. Hot and steamy, right? But I'm from Boston area so I don't 
really know. Sly and some others on this list are in Asheville and 
surrounds. How's the hiking this time of year? -- RockDancer