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[at-l] this weekend

Yeah, we're back.  Ratsafrassas.

We took off Friday for a home inspection (we're buying a house) and then 
headed for PA to do trail work (a relo) on the MidState Trail this weekend.  
But by the time we got to Williamsport it was obvious that the truck wasn't 
gonna make it.  So we stayed in Williamsport last night and spent some time 
with Lynne Whelden.  This morning we tried to find someone to do a clutch 
job but no luck.  So we rented a car, left the truck at a local shop and 
headed home.  We'll pick up the (pickup) truck next week.

Then, just to complete my day, I get home and find y'all still arguing 
with/about some idiot who doesn't have a clue.  But I don't GARA.  I think 
I'll go for a walk tomorrow - sounds like there are others who need that 

Walk softly,

PS - Weary - thanks for the heads-up.

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