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[at-l] Dangerous Doctors?

I went to my doc about toenail fungus and he didn't ask if I owned or had 
access to any guns.  Perhaps he wasn't concerned that I would try kill the 
fungus by shooting it.  That must only work for ingrown toenails.   :)

(Serious response: No doctor has *ever* asked me that.)

At 04:12 PM 6/23/01 -0400, David wrote:
>I'll tell you what. I've got an in-grown toenail and I'll let you know 
>what "risk assessment" I get when I go into have the toenail permanently 
>removed a la Nimblewill Nomad . . .
>On 6/23/2001 at 3:32 PM Texas Twelve-Step wrote:
> >> Sorry, but you are wrong. Risk assessment for violence
> >> toward self and others has always included queries
> >> regarding access to a variety of weapons and methods
> >> of causing injury.
> >
> >I didn't say that it wasn't. My argument is that it
> >was not always considered necessary to perform such
> >"risk assessment" on people who, for example, check
> >into the family doctor for treatment of an ingrown
> >toenail. Surely you've noticed the trend toward this
> >in recent years.
> >
> >Yer bud,