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[at-l] (Guest Post) e-copy of Thru Hikers Handbook?

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Hello folks!
In planning/dreaming someday of a thruhike, I found the Trailplace website early this year and became aware of the Thruhikers Handbook.  At that time, it could be downloaded but I purchased a hardcopy, thinking to download sometime in the future.  However, it is no longer there and I wanted to use it as a foundation for a "dynamic" planning spreadsheet and for possible download to a Palm.  Can anyone email me a e-copy?  I think this may be legitimate for the following reasons:
1. It was publicly distributed online already.
2. I purchased a hardcopy and could scan/OCR it, which would take a long time but is doable.
3. I am not going to resell or otherwise distribute it.  
Of course, if an intellectual property lawyer advises differently, so be it.
Thanks in advance,
AT Someday