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[at-l] WF and Saddleback in Maine

"Texas Twelve-Step" <texas12step@hotmail.com>
> To: <at-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
> Subject: [at-l] WF and Saddleback in Maine
> Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 14:45:53 -0400
> Then perhaps you can confirm something for me. Is it really
> true that when Snowe leaves a room she kicks up her heels
> and dashes off with a cackle, leaving several bobby pins
> momentarily suspended in the air where she'd stood? And
> is Collins' office really made out of gingerbread?

She does have that air about her sometimes. She really is a pleasant enough
person to speak with though, and seemed to have a real handle on the issues
and options being presented on both sides. As I've said, I'm not thrilled
with the results, but Snowe had a really tough job here and I can appreciate

> > ps There was a notice in another post about the large land
> tract that the
> > Nature Conservancy purchased for pennies on the dollar in Western Maine.
> > Well they logged it. Clearcut it in fact.
> Which begs the question of what was their position, if any,
> regarding the previous clearcutting ban referenda.

They were vehemently opposed to clearcutting in principle. One of the
signatories, if not one of the sponsors, of the citizens opposition
proposition. One of the "Vote Yes On One" votes we've recently had.