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[at-l] New Year's Ruckus?

I know that mostly we're sweltering with the oncoming of summer heat and
that winter is almost too far off to think about, but I'll ask anyway:  is
there any interest out there for a "southern" ruckus sortof  kindof  like
last winter's ruckus in GA?

For one reason and another, I've not been able to visit with listers at
other Trail-oriented events like Trail Days, the PA Ruckus, etc.  I'm trying
to get ahead of the planning/time allowance curve and make time if there's
any chance that a southern ruckus would occur.

Anybody out there with thoughts on the topic?  Any show of hands/ideas?
Maybe Georgia again?  Maybe the NOC?  Maybe somewhere that hasn't come to
mind yet?


Also, got a Trail story to share with all of you northbound hikers who
probably never get to see Watauga Lake in the summer:

Randall and I were out hiking around Watauga Lake last Saturday, in the heat
of the afternoon.  Mostly we were trying to dodge the knee-high poison ivy
that grows abundantly in the area.  Anyway, the lake was full of boaters and
such; one pontoon-looking boat had taken up temporary residence in one of
the coves that the trail skirts.  You could tell from the way the pontoon
boat was positioned that it was acting as a visual screen for a private

As R and I grew nearer the boat we saw what all of the squealing was about:
this pontoon boat was full of oldsters who had decided that skinney-dipping
was just the thing to do on a warm spring afternoon...so they did. All of
them, about six altogether.  It never occurred to them that two gluttons for
punishment would be out traipsing along the trail in the poison, close
enough to see what God had given them and gravity was tugging on.  Anyway,
the gleeful laughter coming from the dippers as they took turns diving into
the lake was nothing short of heart-warming.  It made me forget, for just a
moment, how much I hate hiking in poison ivy.