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[at-l] R 'n R's Apology For Traditionalism

OK Rick - so I was trying to be lazy and you made me go back and find the 
numbers :-)

The number you're looking for is 235 - in 1990.  Not quite double, but a 
respectable - and significant increase over the 148 in 1987 (58+ %).  The 
peak effect takes 3 or 4 years to develop, not 2.  '87 doesn't count, in '88 
people start thinking about it, in '89 a few more of them get their act 
together, in '90 - the peak load hits the Trail.

Go back and look at the effect of the 69 National Geographic article (1970 - 
1973), and then the effect of the 1977 Geographic article (1978-1980).  Been 
there and done this analysis - just not recently.  :-)

Walk softly,

>>From: "Jim and/or Ginny Owen" <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com>
>>It's been said before - but WF is and has always been a part of the 
>>problem.  His publicity efforts in 1987 (personal appearances in the 
>> >towns along the way, newspaper interviews, etc.) to increase >awareness 
>>of the AT in celebration of it's 50th anniversary brought >about an 
>>immediate jump in thenumbers of thruhikers. I think the >numbers almost 
>>doubled between 1987 and 1989.
>Not exactly, unless the completion rate or veracity of 2,000 miler claims 
>changed dramatically during that time period.
>About 125 people reported hiking the entire AT in 1985.
>About 148 people reported hiking the entire AT in 1987.
>About 203 people reported hiking the entire AT in 1989.

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