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[at-l] mail drops schedule comments...

Hi all,

Just wanted to make a general comments about figuring out resupply in the 

The Whites are the last place I would suggest carrying large loads.  A lot 
of thruhikers tend to see the distances to town as large so they forego 
resupply and carry a lot more food than necessary.  While the distances are 
certainly greater to the towns, it is still only one hitch each way and 
almost all of the cars that pass you will be going all the way to that town 
(or past the trailhead on the way out of town).

As such, even though it's only a couple of days between Gorham and Pinkham 
Notch, I wouldn't carry more than two days of food for that stretch.  Also, 
I would plan on a hitch to Bartlett from Crawford Notch.  That way, you can 
jut enjoy the scenery more without laboring so hard in the difficult 
terrain.  Franconia Notch is a little more tricky but if you can get a ride 
to N. Woodstock, getting a ride back is usually pretty easy.  The hitch from 
Kinsman Notch to N. Woodstock (or Lincoln) is also pretty easy.

Many of these hitches aren't even hitches.  The trailheads are popular and 
chances are you'll meet someone there (or on the trail) who will offer you a 
ride.  Just strike up a conversation.

A couple of other things to remember, you might want to carry fewer snacks, 
too.  The huts offer leftovers for $1 AYCE.  You can't really rely on them 
though.  But, if you get stuck, the huts also sell some snack items like 
Snickers and GORP.  (A bit more expensive than in town but remember, they 
were carried up on a croo member's back.)  Mt. Washington has a cafeteria on 
top which is certainly good for at least a lunch.

Hoep this helps...

Stitches, GAME99

P.S.  Check your Gorham zip - there's an extra digit in there...  -MF

>From: Kenneth Knight <krk@speakeasy.org>
>Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 06:17:37 -0400
>- Gorham, NH.: ZIP  035815 days. This is the best spot before towns get far
>   away again. 5 days. July 25.
>- North Woodstock, NH.:  ZIP 03262. Another 70 miles gone by. 5-6 days. 
>   31.
>- Hanover, NH.: ZIP 03755. If I'm really moving I will take a zero day here
>   since I'd arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. 3-4 days. August 6.
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