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[at-l] RE: Lyme disease

I'm sorry, but nobody in their right mind would recommend a continuous, low
dose of preventive antibiotic to prevent Lyme. The next thing we would find
is a full antibiotic resistant strain of Lyme that offered no form of

One of my dear friends has been taking low dose antibiotics for years as she
is a hypochondriac, and her Dr - and I us the word only begrudgingly -
continues to pacify her with these prescriptions. Her HMO no longer pays for
them by the way - she has exceeded the need and now you and I pay via
Medicaid. When she gets a cold now, she is down for two weeks. She also now
gets every bug that passes by. A kid sneezes down the hall and she goes down
with strep throat. I forward her everything I come across on the danger of
overdosing your body with antibiotics, and she ignores me because she has a
Dr who doesn't care. The fact that you can find MDs on both sides of this
issue is not unique to medicine. It's like saying that all scientists
believe in the theory of global warming. They don't. The same is true in
medicine. Get _your_ doctor's opinion. Double check it with the literature
and research available online, and make an informed opinion. Get a real
second opinion, and find a Dr who disagrees with your Dr. Let them each
convince you their method is best. It's your body and your health. Take
ownership of it.

Prevention of Lyme disease is not drug related. You can't "pop a pill" and
avoid the rigors of tick checks and proper dress/preparation for walking
through Lyme country.