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[at-l] mail drops schedule comments...

Does this sound about right to people? I've stopped where I did because of the Tetons trip.
Maildrops after PA will be in the TN-GA area. Even if I choose to do parts of VA again I'll just buy
what I need as I need it. The dates are for the PO (expected hiker arrival).

- Hopefully I can mail stuff to Appalachian Trail Lodge, 33 Penobscot Ave.
  Millmillinocket, ME 04462. This would have 3-4 days of food. July 1.

- White House Landing P.O. Box 749, Millinocket, ME. 04462. This is about 30
  miles from Abol Bridge which might be might first night on the trail. 5-6
  days. July 4.

- Monson, ME.: ZIP  04464. Mile 117. 5-6 days. I'll hopefully have extra in
  the pack by this time. July 11.

- Stratton, ME.: ZIP 04982. Mile 188. Again I ought to have some extra. 5-6
  days. July 16.

- Andover, ME.: ZIP  04216. Probably a zero day here. If I arrive when I'd
  like the PO will be closed. I'll have been managing 12.5 miles/day. 4
  days. July 21.

- Gorham, NH.: ZIP  035815 days. This is the best spot before towns get far
  away again. 5 days. July 25.

- North Woodstock, NH.:  ZIP 03262. Another 70 miles gone by. 5-6 days. July

- Hanover, NH.: ZIP 03755. If I'm really moving I will take a zero day here
  since I'd arrive on a Saturday or Sunday. 3-4 days. August 6.

- Killington, VT.: ZIP  05751. If that happens I have a day off here since
  the 10th is a Saturday and you just know I won't get there in time. 4
  days. August 10.

- Manchester Center, NH.: ZIP 05255.  Could again arrive on a Sunday, might
  have to stay the night. Oh well. 5-6 days. August 15.

- Chhesire, MA.: ZIP 01225. 5-6 days. August 22.

- Salisbury, MA.: ZIP 06068. Another 70 miles. 2-3 days. August 28.

- Kent, CT.: ZIP 06757. Could be an off day here. 4-5 days. September 1.

- Bear Mountain, NY.: ZIP 10911. 3-4 days. September 6.

Somewhere around here is likely where I'll have to get off to head to
Jackson. I'd return from the Tetons on the 29th. Back to the trail not long

- Vernon, NJ.: ZIP 07472. Could be an off day. 4-5 days. September 10.

- Delaware Water Gap, PA.: ZIP 18327. 5 days. September 15.

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