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[at-l] Curious

I'd guess that the main issue is probably that trailplace.com has a lot of
references to "appalachian trail", but since the backcountry.net site is
rather generic (since it's used for a number of the National Scenic Trails),
it just doesn't get the hits.

An AT specific page would probably help.   Frankly,  I'm very happy to see
Kathy Bilton's page still come up at the top of most search engines.


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> Someone said:
> >  My introduction to an AT mail list was on ATML because
> > TrailPlace dominates the search engines.
> My question is this - How does one engineer such a thing so that the
> engines select one site over another??  Is there something our list owner
> some other knowledgeable person could do to counteract or neutralize this
> tendency - - or move Backcountry.net higher up in the pecking order?
> Al (Draggin' Anchor)
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