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[at-l] History (wasWarning! WF Post)

Thank you Ryan.  I did not know the history of the 2 lists except that AT-L 
was first.  My introduction to an AT mail list was on ATML because 
TrailPlace dominates the search engines.  I lasted only one season on ATML 
before I was totally turned off by the official line and attitude.

Thank you also for running this list the way you do.  It's why I stay here.

At 11:27 AM 6/8/01 -0500, you wrote:

> > You have a very good point. That is the killer in this problem. Setting an
> > edict against the subject or announcing what the AT-L line is to be on the
> > subject dooms us toward becoming another ATML.
>I think what you're referring to is my stated dislike of WF threads.   My
>basic problem with these threads is a personal one that started the day the
>ATML went on line.
>     At the time, the AT-L had been already operating for a few years and my
>concern was more of a net-etiquette one-  if there's an existing mailing
>list, common sense says you don't start another one with the same subject
>matter, duplicate efforts and split the community.  I spoke to Dan on the
>phone about this, but he just said that he "had to do it".   I even offered
>to split up the web aspects and the mailing list efforts so we could work in
>our core competencies.    ...clip...