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[at-l] Warning! WF Post

At 05:50 PM 6/7/01 -0700, Orange Bug wrote:

>But there comes a point when we have said pretty much everything about
>such a person that it serves little purpose to repeat. The repetitions
>come across as just the same sort of whining and mean spirited
>discourse as many have fled or been banished from.

I'd agree with you Bill if we were a static group, but we have new members
joining alll the time.  There is no mechanism for truthtelling on tp and if 
not to be spoken here, then where?  Can I have a show of hands of everyone
who thought there actually was a CENTER FOR APPALACHIAN TRAIL STUDIES
until they learned differently here?  Whoooosh...s'cuse me.  I was knocked off
my stool by the wind from all those hands popping up.

Think of it this way.  Say we live in a happy little neighborhood who has 
come to
terms with the fact that one of the neighbors is a con man.  Not evil.... 
and capable
of good works, but not the most truthful person around and subject to some 
whims.  Everyone knows about him in the neighborhood, having learned the hard
way through personal experience.  Then a nice new couple moves onto the block.
Do the rest of the people keep mum or clue them into the truth and keep the new
folks from investing either emotionally or financially in the con mans schemes?

That's a no brainer for me.  I learned my lesson the hard way....having 
made the
mistake that silence is golden.  Not that we should dwell on him,  but James's
post was not mean spirited.  It_was_a reality check....very effectively 
out the hypocrisy of a man who is making a living from the Trail who has 
condemned others who seek to do likewise.  And then whines about it.  If
people choose to support him and his works, that's valid!!!  But, they 
should know
they are not supporting some non profit institution but a man attempting to 
money based on his association with the Trail.

For us to keep quiet about it is the same as not telling people that cotton 
It's a lesson we have learned and should pass along to others.

On that note.....
Having labored hard and long...for some 15 years, to build and rebuild 
an artificial reef to attract fish in a local where I and others can more 
easily study
their behavior,  I am announcing the foundation of...(trumpets and drumroll 


I have invested 5000 hours and a lot of money in THE CENTER.
Minivan....8000.00...gotta get to the boat
Boat........5000.00...gotta get to the reef
House.......500.00 per mo...gotta have a place to wait out the winter
cannot live by
STUDIES alone.

Please send money to support me and my work so I can continue to serve the
Bass of the Susquehanna.  Sorry.... contributions are not tax deductible cause
I ain't a non-profit org.