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Re: [at-l] What I Do (was Life with Earthworm)

I am a Mama, a Nana, a Backpacker, a Trail Angel, a Kayaker, a Genealogy
Researcher (related to Daniel Boone), and to pay for the gifts for the
grandbabies, Trail Angel cookie makin's and baby carrots,  my gear-fixes,
etc, I take and process applications for Medicaid for Georgia Residents who
are children under age 19 or are pregnant women.  I do presentations for
both Medicaid and the new Children's Health Care Inititative Program in
Georgia.  (an insurance program similar to the Medicaid program).  And to
top it all off, I live within 15 roadmiles of the Appalachian Trail in
Georgia and an hour from FS42 parking lot at Springer by car.

And today a Doctor's office sent me flowers to thank me for assisting them
in obtaining medicaid payment for a bill that had not been a top priority of
one of their patients.  I processed the paperwork the day I got the
application (the bill was incurred in January and the lady finally showed up
to apply for benefits last week).

It feels kind of funny to get flowers for just doing my job.  I've always
felt that the earth would run more smoothly if everyone just did the job
they'd agreed to do when they got hired.

sitting here looking at a lovely arrangement of flowers

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