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[at-l] Re: [AT-l] life with Earthworm

I am an DNT Inspector.  In English I inspect piping, tanks, vessels, 
structures and processes at chemical plants and refineries.  The NDT stands 
for nondestructive Testing.  That means I do it without causing more damage 
or having to take it apart.  I use X-ray, ultra sonic, magnetic particles, 
dye penetrant and visual to accomplish this.  That is about the size of it.  
I work anywhere from 40 to 110 hours per week depending on the time of year 
and schedules at the plants.  That means my social life sucks.  

I am planing a thru hike on the AT 2002.  Anyone in the Memphis or AR area 
interested in prep hiking drop me a line.  I will be training here and up 
near the Buffalo and White River in AR.  Also enjoy camping, canoeing and 

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