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Re: [at-l] What I Do (was Life with Earthworm)

Changes from year to year.

Job? Temp, auto mechanic, tile setter (with mud and metal lathe), temp,
sales, truck driver, computer programmer, systems analyst, temp, technical
writer, did I say temp? waitress, creeler (that's production worker in a
textile plant).  Best paying job for the energy output?  Duped video tapes
at home (student worker).  Favorites: designing computer systems, trouble
shooter, writing, waitressing, and my current one.

Currently functioning as hectic front desk cum office manager in
high-powered state university office - where they let me do things like
open the mail, solve problems, massage egos, and ghost write for the deans.

Avocation?  Brain chemistry.  I help people with mental/emotional problems
and recovery issues using food and exercise.

What will I be when I grow up?  Writer of books, spiritual/inspiration
genre.  First I have to master this *doing* life thingie.  Oh, and one
bodacious hiker.  And someday I'll take a windjammer cruise - and *maybe*
ride a bicycle from Key West to Seattle.


Delita Wright
Future AT Thruhiker
Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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