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Re: [at-l] Life with Earthworm

> << why don't we each take a moment to inform the list what we do for a living?
>  >>

I'm a 42 year old college kid trying to figure out what he wants to be when he
grows up. My wife tells me that I'd better figure it out soon.  I did actually
decide awhile back, but for some reason she didn't view a professional thru-hiker
as a viable career and informed me that I had better make another decision. As a
second choice, I decided to become an Environmental Economist. Prior to that, I
spent 18 years with a major paper company as Quality Manager for International and
Domestic Operations. After about 10 years of flying 200 - 250,000 miles a year, I
decided it was about time to enjoy life for change.  So far it has been great, and
being at home for a change resulted in the birth of our first future hiker last
August. Now I guess I'm really going to have to grow up.


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