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[at-l] Re: Rejuvenation Shelter

What is a "rejuvenation shelter" and how does it differ from a traditional

Regardless, are you designing or actually constructing it?

If constructing it, you are about to get into a can of worms -- unless you
have already done a bunch of homework.

First, check out <http://www.access-board.gov/pubs/outdoor-rec-rpt.htm>

Second, check out the approval process for the government entity that is
responsible for the location.

Third, check out the approval process for the ATC and the local maintaining
club that is responsible for the location.

As for my preferences, if traditional shelter/lean-to:

1) Near a reliable source of fresh running spring water, yet well away from
standing water, wetlands, etc.

2) Well away from easy access for beer parties and weekend rowdies, yet
easily accessible for the maintainers (e.g., well behind a gated FS road).

3) Constructed of very durable materials w/ very low long term maintenance

4) A good overhang beyond the deck to provide shelter to cook when it's
raining/snowing/etc and to provide a dry place to get out of wet boots, etc
w/o tracking the mud onto the sleeping deck.

5) Lots of pegs at good heights for hanging mouse guarded food bags, and
stuff in general.  (How about permanent mounted mouse guards for food bags
that really work 100%? Or mouse proof boxes?)

6) Good view of the sunrise or at least facing away from the prevailing

7) Simple & rustic.


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