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[at-l] Shenandoah Park article in Post + Journals

Hi -

There was an article in yesterday's Washington Post about researchers
trying to get records opened about early days of SNP. (link will be good
for 2 weeks)


Apologies if it's already been posted to the list.  I didn't see a mention
in headers of the at-l digest.

And thanks for URL to whomever posted it for Buffungton hike.  I've added
it to my journals page at http://www.fred.net/kathy/at/journal.html and
would welcome other links to this year's journals that are hosted
independently.  (I have an overall link to journals on Trailplace.) It
seems like only yesterday (as they say) that I  received an email from
Richard Kushman asking me if I would be interested in putting up a page
with reports from his and Nexmo's 1996 hike....  

--Kathy Bilton

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