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Re: [at-l] Shenandoah Park article in Post + Journals

Yea, Kathy!
Yours was the first page on the AT that I hit on the web, and I have the opening (alluring?) wallpaper burned into my brain. (Go see it, if you need to be reminded.) I was struck by how friendly it was, and after having no clue that there *was* such a thing as a "web presence," it really felt like I had arrived home. Thanks for your site, Kathy.


>>> Kathy Bilton <kathy@fred.net> 03/07/00 11:53AM >>>
It seems like only yesterday (as they say) that I  received an email from
Richard Kushman asking me if I would be interested in putting up a page
with reports from his and Nexmo's 1996 hike....  

--Kathy Bilton

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