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Re: [at-l] Support List? (Admin) and a rant!

Mon, 06 Mar 2000 21:14:56 -0600 "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@inc.net> wrote:

>- - I've had a couple of inquiries now regarding a "hiker support
>list"...  A sort of filtered down, relevant info/news only for those
>supporting hikers, staying at home, about to leave, etc.


I can't speak for support folk, but I suggest that splitting the community
is not so good an idea -- as we all can and should learn and support each

Another approach might be to have some canned-thread-seeding messages that
you post from time to time, to encourage discussion of the issues various
sub-groups of the community would like to see aired.

Something like:

"As the season is winding down are there any of those who supported hikers
this season who have any advice/words or wisdom/thoughts for those who are
looking forward to the adventure?"

Or at another time:

"As the season is gearing up are there any of those who or are planning to
support hikers this season who have any questions that folk who have
supported hikers in the past?"

BTW -- The other list tried to start a maintainer's sub list and it failed.
I suspect that it is true that more maintainers are likely to be hikers,
themselves, than would be true of support folk, but the issues seems about
the same to me.


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