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[at-l] Re: Web journal / Buffington's thru-hike prep

<<I'm anti-technology on the trail, as some of you know.  So...comments on
how some of you interacted with getting your journal notes to the web,

Well, I gotta admit, I started with a palmtop and it lasted about a week.
It wasn't bad to carry, but I didn't want to impose my choice of bringing
technology on anyone else, so I always found some place near the trail to
sit down in the middle of the day and type.  After a week that was so
inconvenient I just bought a spiral notebook and shipped the palmtop home.
My journal was on Trailplace, and I would try to write in my notebook each
night.  It was sort of a pain because I made the advance decision to keep a
private journal, and censor some of the more personal comments
(specifically about people I met when it wasn't too positive or other
people's private lives and embarrassing moments) to myself.  Everything
else I published.  So I actually re-wrote it all once in town! PITA.
Eventually I just kept a couple pages for each day which would include an
outline of what I hiked... mileage's, camp spots, notable reference points,
and then ideas I'd had during the day, funny or beautiful or interesting
things I saw, and lists of the people/events of the day.  Once in town I'd
actually sit down and write the journal to send to my transcriber and mail
it off.  By the North I was behind in my writing but had all of the notes
down... so I ended up posting it all myself in Hanover NH... including over
a months worth!

If I was going to do that again (don't think I will though or at least not
in the same detail) I'd just plan on keeping the journal myself and doing
more advance investigation of where I could find places along the Trail to
do the actual posting.  That way I could add details when I was actually
posting it instead of having to write it all out long-hand.  I'm glad I did
it, glad to have the memories, glad to have a place where people can read
about my trip (well, temporarily they can't until I find a new home for my
journal) and it MADE me keep a journal instead of just blowing it off.  I'm
glad for all of that.  I wouldn't bring any technology again though.  If
they're going to use a laptop, they'll need a notebook too for an outline
like I did, because so much happens each day that's important to you that
you'll want to remember it, even if you just take short notes to jog your

GA>ME '98

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