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Re: [at-l] Support List? (Admin) and a rant!

Hear, hear. I think we've voted this sort of segregation down previously, 
Ryan. For precisely this reason. Granted, we've been flooded with email 
lately, but that tends to ebb and flow as Springer Fever reaches its peak. 
Just my 0.02 ... Navigator

In a message dated 03/07/2000 8:38:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
tmcginnis@ucclan.state.in.us writes:

> I strongly agree with JoanBluetrail. Point by point. Additionally, I think 
> s a mistake to segregate the common interest by supposed (and fleeting) 
> interests, as has been done at THAT OTHER LIST. <That slipped out, didn't 
> Yes, it did. Orwell.><Big-ass elephant, you know?><Stop laughing. For some 
> people, this is really serious business. No, I'm serious.><Really.>
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