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Re: [at-l] Buffington's thru-hike prep / web journal

> So...comments on how some of you interacted with getting your journal notes 
> to the web, eventually?

I live high tech in my daily life. Here is my standard email

   Tim Hewitt 
   Principal Software Engineer
   Fairchild Semiconductor

I decided that I would not do high-tech at all on my hike. I did
not even get on the Internet or send mail from Damascus or Hot Springs,
or any place else terminals were available.

Personal choice.

I wrote my journal by hand and mailed the entries home every time
I was in town. My food boxes contained stamped, self-addressed
envelopes and that was that.

My wife and mother-in-law did the transcription to the web.

Worked for me.

Tim Hewitt, Editor
Appalachian Trail Stories
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