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[pct-l] Re: Knick Names

Some of the knick names are self given, some are given to you by others.
For instance a group of thruhikers from San Francisco named themselves the
"Bay Area Bombers", a group from Minnesota became "the Minnesota Milers".
Some people saw my long stride from my footprints in mud and snow and knick
named me "Strider" before ever meeting me.  "The Unfortunates" burned their
four person tent down, lost a gold watch and a Swiss Army knife, one fell
into a stream while crossing, etc., etc. (however, those "Unfortunates"
persevered and went all the way regardless of their fate).  "Mile-a-minute"
referred to her incessant and fast pace of talking.  This was given to her
by her many loving companions who always found a way to spend only a couple
days with her at a time.

I guess it is a fun way of establishing an alternate identification that
says something more than your given name can.  My name means nothing to
others unless you know something of German names and recognize it as such.
You then would know that I am of German descent which means very little in
my every day life.  However nicknames give a light hearted suggestion of
someone's character.  As long as they stay light hearted and not derogatory
and we can still laugh at ourselves and not take offense from minor stabs at
our glaring characteristics then they remain fun.  :-)


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