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Re: [pct-l] PCT Musings

In a message dated 9/29/99 1:54:05 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
HShires@aol.com writes:

<< That's all that comes to mind at the moment.  I'm off to go pop some more 
 glucosamine for my aching knees... >>


It's great to hear that you made it to Canada.  Congratulations!  

I'm curious, did you use trekking sticks on your hike?  

My knees took a pounding during the first 1000 miles of the AT, but after a 
recovery period and the switch to two poles I haven't suffered any noticeable 
discomfort in my knees, finishing the AT and for half the PCT.  Highly 

I hear the glucosamine works great, but takes a while to become effective.

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