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[pct-l] Tail for the MSR's

I agree with Marge, buy the 8 inch tails for winter packing. ( I also have 
and use the tails in soft winter snow ) Again, if you hit the Sierra's early, 
you'll find no suncups, just firm snow. ( unless you get some new stuff 
overnight ) The MSR' shoes would be great on an early start. I also have 2 
pairs of crosscountry skis which I use as well. ( Have done a winter traverse 
of the Olympics on them ) Now though, I find I fall more than I use to and 
enjoy the surefootedness of the snowshoes. Knees- when you lose an ACL-you 
need to have it repaired!!!! ( old football ) Mine has been fixed for 9 years 
and I can tell you I wouldn't be able to hike at all with out the fix. I 
wrestle freestyle in the winter with no problems so far. Your a good man 
Brick, but suncups are the curse of the late starter.
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