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[pct-l] Re: Knick Names

Ok - thanks!!!


At 11:04 AM -0700 9/29/99, Greg Hummel wrote:
>Some of the knick names are self given, some are given to you by others.
>For instance a group of thruhikers from San Francisco named themselves the
>"Bay Area Bombers", a group from Minnesota became "the Minnesota Milers".
>Some people saw my long stride from my footprints in mud and snow and knick
>named me "Strider" before ever meeting me.  "The Unfortunates" burned their
>four person tent down, lost a gold watch and a Swiss Army knife, one fell
>into a stream while crossing, etc., etc. (however, those "Unfortunates"
>persevered and went all the way regardless of their fate).  "Mile-a-minute"
>referred to her incessant and fast pace of talking.  This was given to her
>by her many loving companions who always found a way to spend only a couple
>days with her at a time.
>I guess it is a fun way of establishing an alternate identification that
>says something more than your given name can.  My name means nothing to
>others unless you know something of German names and recognize it as such.
>You then would know that I am of German descent which means very little in
>my every day life.  However nicknames give a light hearted suggestion of
>someone's character.  As long as they stay light hearted and not derogatory
>and we can still laugh at ourselves and not take offense from minor stabs at
>our glaring characteristics then they remain fun.  :-)

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