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[pct-l] Corn pasta et al

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Ron Moak wrote:
>Ray's New book.
>Many of you are aware of the new long distance hikers book out by Ray
>Jardine. His new book makes no mention of the PCT. The PCT Hikers Handbook
>is now out of print. That will make it difficult for new thru-hikers to get
>a hold of good schedule for planning a thru-hike. If any of you have one
>that work's well, send it to me and I'll look into publishing it on the PCT

The PCT Hiker's Handbook is no longer widely available, but I believe you
can still purchase it through AdventureLore Press, the book's publisher
(Ray's company). The web page on Ray's site that discusses the new book also
lists an address for ordering from the limited remaining stock of PCT
Handbook. See: http://AdventureLore.com/index.html

>Corn Pasta - Not anymore!
>In Ray's new book he no longer recommends corn pasta. Seems that the
>manufactures can't make it right or something.

Ray no longer recommends corn pasta because it no longer offers the energy
boost or nutrition that it once did. That is, it is no longer being
manufactured as an intact grain, but rather has been de-germed and
de-branned just like regular wheat semolina. The bran and germ constitute
99% of any grain's nutritional content; what's left, the endosperm, is more
readily processed in the factory and so is more cost-effective for the food
giants to produce. Ray discusses the alternatives to corn pasta in the Food
chapter of Beyond Backpacking. He also makes passing mention of whole wheat
pasta. This is something I've tried and now enjoy. I feel the Hodgson Mill
brand of pasta is a whole grain, but the new book casts much skepticism over
the entire food industry. I suppose the end result, on the trail, is what

>If you delve further and go
>to his website, you'll find he takes another step further. That is to not
>carry stoves and only eat cold food.
>He says he and Jenny no longer cook and couldn't feel better.

Ray doesn't really recommend stoveless hiking. He says he's tried it and has
never found it to be very satisfying or fulfilling in terms of energy and
nutrition. It might be appropriate for a short-term hike, however, or for
excursions where the goal is to rely on as few creature comforts as
possible. The Raw Foods article on the web site has to do with experiments
in eating fresh, uncooked foods at home, rather than on the trail where they
would quickly spoil.

>Kinder Gentler Ray?
>In his new book, Ray has dropped the My Way's the Only Way! attitude of the
>previous one. He now discusses his technique as one of a number of viable

I don't know if the author would himself consider white pasta, heavy boots,
and thermarests 'viable alternatives,' but the idea is to experiment with
new things, see what works for the individual, and incorporate whatever
makes the hiking and camping more enjoyable. I think he encourages us to
avoid stagnating; to take pride in the hiking, and to really think about and
attempt to perfect what we enjoy doing. And above all to think

>Ray's Equipment
>For those of you without the necessary sewing skills, s new company is out
>and manufacturing Ray's gear. GoLite is making the Ray-Way line of gear. Of
>course the prices are no where near Ray's homemade prices. His tarp cost
>$175. They are making tarps, packs, rain gear, umbrella. pack and sleeping
>quilt. They have a website http://www.golite.com but no catalog or prices

Curious to know where you heard $175. I haven't seen any price lists online
yet. I experimented with some of GoLite's prototypes on the PCT this summer,
and am looking forward to the finished products. In some cases, I saw the
finished products and can say only good things about them. The tarp is
awesome - maybe Skylar and Dave McQuitty can vouch for this, as the three of
us spent an evening under the tarp in a snowstorm (San Gabriels in June!),
warm and dry. The tarp weighs 1 pound. One-man version will be lighter.

Happy trails,
Brett Tucker, editor "Beyond Backpacking"

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