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[pct-l] Ray Jardine et. all

While the book it does not specifically call itself the PCT hikers handbook,
it's appears to me that it is geared primarily for the long distance hiker,
whether it be the PCT, AT, or some other trail, - information on resupply,
financing and even the psychological aspects of hiking long distances.
There are 50 pages in a chapter called "Longer Journeys".  Plus there are
about 460 other pages covering the rest of the basic and essential
information common to most backpackers.  Also listed is his 94 gear list for
the PCT - one of several mentions of the PCT in book.   A major theme
throughout is the lightening of the pack.  He mentions Golite and also has
sections on making your own gear.  For scheduling, there are places on the
net that a person can use that would probably be more accurate and up to
date as well as information from recent successful thru-hikers.  I don't
subscribe to all of his ideas, but it has opened my eyes to a new way of
looking at some my own lightweight backpacking techniques.

Golite doesn't have a catalog yet.  If you email the company (from the email
hyperlink at their site) they will send a request for your email address and
mail you a catalog in October when it is due out.


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> Many of you are aware of the new long distance hikers book out by Ray
> Jardine. His new book makes no mention of the PCT. The PCT Hikers Handbook
> is now out of print. That will make it difficult for new
> thru-hikers to get
> a hold of good schedule for planning a thru-hike. If any of you have one


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