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RE: [pct-l] corn pasta; Ray Jardine et. all

Ray's New book.

Many of you are aware of the new long distance hikers book out by Ray
Jardine. His new book makes no mention of the PCT. The PCT Hikers Handbook
is now out of print. That will make it difficult for new thru-hikers to get
a hold of good schedule for planning a thru-hike. If any of you have one
that work's well, send it to me and I'll look into publishing it on the PCT

Corn Pasta - Not anymore!

In Ray's new book he no longer recommends corn pasta. Seems that the
manufactures can't make it right or something. If you delve further and go
to his website, you'll find he takes another step further. That is to not
carry stoves and only eat cold food. 

He says he and Jenny no longer cook and couldn't feel better. 

Kinder Gentler Ray?

In his new book, Ray has dropped the My Way's the Only Way! attitude of the
previous one. He now discusses his technique as one of a number of viable

Ray's Equipment

For those of you without the necessary sewing skills, s new company is out
and manufacturing Ray's gear. GoLite is making the Ray-Way line of gear. Of
course the prices are no where near Ray's homemade prices. His tarp cost
$175. They are making tarps, packs, rain gear, umbrella. pack and sleeping
quilt. They have a website http://www.golite.com but no catalog or prices

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