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RE: [pct-l] Corn pasta et al

BlisterFree Writes>>>> Ray doesn't really recommend stoveless hiking. He
says he's tried it and has never found it to be very satisfying or
fulfilling in terms of energy and nutrition. It might be appropriate for a
short-term hike, however, or for excursions where the goal is to rely on as
few creature comforts as possible. The Raw Foods article on the web site has
to do with experiments in eating fresh, uncooked foods at home, rather than
on the trail where they would quickly spoil.<<<<<<

I don't know if Ray does or doesn't recommend stoveless hiking. On his site,
he say's he's switch to no cooked foods. Since the switch seems to be after
his last trip, I would assume he hasn't tried it on any long trips as of

I have talked to others, including one Triple Crown hiker who hikes totally
without a stove with no problems. So I'd image Ray will try it sometime.

>>>>> Curious to know where you heard $175. I haven't seen any price lists
online yet. I experimented with some of GoLite's prototypes on the PCT this
summer, and am looking forward to the finished products. In some cases, I
saw the finished products and can say only good things about them. The tarp
is awesome - maybe Skylar and Dave McQuitty can vouch for this, as the three
of us spent an evening under the tarp in a snowstorm (San Gabriels in
June!), warm and dry. The tarp weighs 1 pound. One-man version will be

The price came from Adventure Sports in California who had someone at PCTA's
CrestFest demonstrating the equipment. They had brochures from Golite.
However, the brochures didn't have prices in them either. In conversations
with the rep, the equipment still seemed to be in prototype stage. No clear
dates were set when they could be ordered. All of the equipment (except the
Umbrella) was there and seemed to be well constructed. 

The tarp, made from 1.1 oz Silicone coated nylon could easily be made by
anyone familiar with a sewing machine for a fraction of the cost. The two
person tarp shelter weight comes in at 23oz (tarp and 12 stakes). Add in
additional weight for ground cloth and your probably looking at around 30 oz
for shelter.

In bug country, a separate internal bug net called "The Nest" is available
(18 ozs). It suppose to sleep two, but you'd have to be very friendly with
you're partner. Also getting "The Nest" rigged right seemed to take a bit of

Personally I'd just sew a strip of netting to the tarp and probably save 10
ozs. This would bring your total shelter weight to aprox. 38 ozs or 2 lb 6
oz. Otherwise with tarp, stakes and The Nest your looking at 41 ounces.
Consider to that a two person Stephenson's tent comes in at 38 ozs and
includes tent, stakes, poles and is a lot easier to setup. 

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