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Re: [pct-l] Guardia

I agree that water treatment is a function of risk. That is an individual
decision. Unless someone else taking a risk increases my risk [ Keeping
food in a tent] I don't care. The point I was trying to make in my last
post was one of style, not risk.

It appears that most [not all] thruhikers adopt a risk taking, pain
enduring style as a result of the cost and difficulty of resupply on the
trail. However, it is possible to use a filter, bear canister, tent, camp
chair etc. and still thruhike. In fact you can hike most of the trail
completely supported by helpers in a van [as in bike touring] and carry 2-3
days of food most of the time. In the feared Section A you can sleep in a
camper and/or walk out and sleep in a hotel every night except in the
middle of the San Felipe Hills.

My problem with this risk taking, pain enduring style, it that it takes
risks that increases my risk, shows total disrespect for California
National Parks rules and regulations and encourages others to do the same.
A decision to ignore the danger of guirdia endangers noone but yourself.
However, taking a p*ss on the trail [I have seen, this year, a thruhiker do
this] degrades my mountains and keeping food in a tent risks my body as
well as yours.

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