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Re: [pct-l] Guardia

> It is not a matter of thruhikers or not. Its a question of money!

For me, it is not a question of money either.  The plain and simple fact is
that whether I am a thru-hiker or a weekend-hiker, filters can and do
break/clog/wear out/etc.  When planning my own hikes, I try not to pack
redundant items in order to save weight. Hence, I only bring iodine for
necessary situations since it requires no backup.  However, most of the time,
when in the mountains, I get my water from high areas above treeline(to
minimize wild animal contaminants) away from trails(to minimize people and pack
animal contaminants) and just drink it untreated.  I use the iodine when I can
not do this.  I used this plan last year hiking from Tahoe to Whitney and did
not experience any problems.

I am not suggesting that anyone should do what I do unless they are comfortable
with the known and obvious risks associated with this method of water
(non)treatment.  What is boils down to is: how much risk each person is
comfortable with. ...and that can only be answered by each person
individually.  Just as some people would go over a particular snow covered pass
in May without crampons, others would not.  Neither view is right or wrong.
Use what works for you and don't call each other weird, stupid, crazy, or
foolish because (s)he does it differently than you.

Personally, I appreciate this list precisely because of the wide variety of
views and suggestions.  I take what I am comfortable with and leave the rest.
I consider this list a catalyst to my own ongoing trial and error in pursuit of
a "better mouse trap".  I have used many suggestions from this list and would
hate to miss a potential suggestion that may revolutionize my hiking because
someone quit posting due to criticism.


Dude in TX

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