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Re: [pct-l] Bears near Thousand Is. Lake on JMT

>From: "Prosser,Douglas A" <Douglas.A.Prosser@kp.org>
>Subject: [pct-l] Bears near Thousand Is. Lake on JMT
>Just returned from trip on section of JMT from Reds Meadow to before Donohue
>Pass.  There are a group of bears in the Thousand Island lake area that are
>graduate students from Yosemite NP.  They excel at stealing any food that is
>hung.  It appears only bear canisters were working with this group.

Um....I just looped that area starting from Lyell; bagging Banner and
x-country down into Twin Island Lakes two weeks ago. The bears are no
worse than they've been in the past several years (by the way Lyell
Canyon is worse than Thousand Island Lake). I counter balanced as I
always do. I've never used a bear resistant canister and I'd never
consider the extra weight on a solo trip.

If you really want to see desperate bears at work do a trip up Lyell
Canyon (the last campsite before the Donohue climb is a good place) in
late September/early October and watch the bears desperately attempt
to meet their caloric needs before hibernation.

My recommendation is no recommendation, but I wouldn't avoid any area
because of bears. Take precautions according to your experience. If
you've lost food to bears that should be the first indication that
you'd better take more precaution the next time you're out. The idea
is we learn from our mistakes; obviously this is not true in practice.

On the issue of giardia, I've had it three times. The first time I got
it kissing my puppies. So if you're paranoid, filter water and don't
kiss your dogs. I only filter at certain elevations, along trails and
anywhere where cows graze (I don't know if cows spread giardia I just
take precautions). I'm also one of those people who get pounding
headaches from iodine, so I never use it; not even while trekking in
third world countries.


        Dave Encisco

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