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[pct-l] Dancing Bears

For cheap fun for the whole family, go to Thousand Island Lake, bring 1 
climbers pulley, 100ft. of good 1/4 inch nylon cord and a good headlamp. 
Climb tree and tie pulley on selected branch. Put food bag on end of cord and 
wait for the Dancing Bear to show. In areas where bears are so bold, you can 
have great fun playing keep away with your bear bag, lower your bag to 2 feet 
off the ground  then pull to 10 ft. when bear closes in. Dancing bear soon 
goes to the neighbors bags after 5 minutes of unsuccessful Dancing lessons. ( 
make sure branch is 4 ft. long and strong, but not strong enough to hold 
bear,s weight ) The look on the bear,s face is well worth it!
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