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[pct-l] JMT/PCT separation

Jim <airbrne27@jps.net> asked

>2. Ok who decided that 12.9 miles of the PCT had to be
>separate from theJMT near Reds Meadow?  I hiked the
>mysterious 12.9 miles and althoughinteresting, i kind
>of thought that Garnet lake and Shadow lake were/are
>much more pretty then the over used Badger lakes area.

	At the time the PCT was built the FS noticed that the Red's Meadow, Devil's 
Post Pile, Shadow Lake, Garnet Lake area was over used. Too many people from 
Mammoth flood this area for day hikes. So a new route was selected for the 
PCT to follow that would keep people away from all the places that the 
Mammoth tourist visit.

	Unfortunately there are a number of places where the PCT was routed to keep 
the hiker away from lakes and streams and other places that hikers would 
like to visit. But then, it wouldn't be the Pacific Camel Trail if it did.

	Actually the planners often put the emphasise on "Pacific Crest" too much. 
This has resulted in the trail being put along ridge tops and avoiding water 
in many places. Also "Scenic" has been used as an excuse for making a trail 
that is twice as long as earlier routes through the same area. (Compare 
length of the PCT and the CR&HT between the Mason Valley Truck Trail and 
S-22 [A10-A13] for an example of this.)


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